Fc-311, an ideal helper for catering enterprises, and a high-rise vertical cutting machine

Fc-311 vertical cutting machine, can cut rhizome vegetables and fruits slices, strips, d, smooth and beautiful cut plane. Three advantages: first, high efficiency time is money, efficiency is life. One hour to cut vegetables up to 300 kg per hour can be sliced 50kg to calculate, a fc-311 equivalent to 6 manpower, saving a lot of labor costs! Second, multi-function machine multi-use is really convenient, fruits and vegetables can be cut. Potatoes, croissants, sweet potatoes, melons, kiwi fruits, apples, pears, etc., can be shredded, sliver, slice, D-shaped, thick or thin, depending on your request. Simply change the knife head to meet different production needs. Cut out of the food rules, well-organized, in line with the requirements of standardized production. Third, vertical height type, more in line with the operation habits. The operation is simple, press the key to start, the material is so simple. Easy to disassemble, easy to maintain and clean.