Fengxiang mechanical design team: deep tillage industry for 12 years, with craftsmanship to create i

Since the founding of Zhaoqing Fengxiang Food Machinery Co., Ltd., Fengxiang Mechanical Design team has been devoted to research and development, and has worked hard to improve the functional characteristics of products with the goal of "technology, innovation, quality", and so on. Promoted the large-scale development of food and catering industry, and made a great contribution to the industry mechanization.

Second, every product that meticulously creates the industry brand Fengxiang is through the mechanical design team meeting research, mutual discussion, constantly debugging and modifying, facing the difficulties, solving many difficulties, finally become the industry famous brand. Especially Fengxiang main project vegetable and fruit series, regardless of product category, function, or quality can stand the test.

3.Research and development team

He factory director, faithful and benevolent, has been dedicated to research, lead the way forward, manage the factory, teach subordinates, labourers.

Ha chief engineer, helpful, every time I see him is a smile to welcome people, work with endless enthusiasm, who has anything in the factory, the first time out to help.

Wu deputy factory director, full of action, solid action, strong execution, "two ears do not hear anything outside the window, dedicated to equipment only."

Huang, director of the production department, is diligent and conscientious in his work. He is strict in working efficiency and never procrastination. He is responsible and meticulous in the quality of the product.

Keep quality in check and innovation never stop

If Fengxiang is an army, then the pioneer is Fengxiang mechanical design R & D personnel, the strongest backing is also us. Only by constantly developing new products, can we solve the problems and meet the needs of customers. We will continue to be the strongest backing, a good quality barrier. Continuously improve the technical level, for customers to create high-quality, good quality products, create value for customers. We pay sincerely, with sweat to irrigate the flowers of success.
Success does not hinder the pace of our progress, only motivates us to continue to pursue. Only innovation can stand still, only innovation can have a new way out. Will continue from now on: close good quality, never stop on the road of innovation.