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Zhaoqing Fengxiang Food Machinery Co., Ltd.

Zhaoqing Fengxiang Food Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 and has a history of 16 years. It is a food machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales. Products are sold to various provinces and cities in China, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and other places, and are deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers! We have been committed to the research and development of highly automated food processing machinery, the existing central kitchen pre-processing process design and equipment matching scheme, the whole plant equipment and equipment matching scheme of the clean vegetable distribution center, the fruit and vegetable cleaning and cutting line, the meat food cutting line, Meat and vegetable packaging lines and other product machinery. We have always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "integrity-based, customer first" and guided by user needs, providing customers with various food processing and production solutions.

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