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Vegetable Washing Machines 

Vegetable Washing Machine


1. It's speacially for washing leafy vegetables and fruits like lettuce, cabbage, spinch and apples, pears etc. And it uses bubble,cycle  surfing,high pressure spray washing way, making them be washed more thoroughly. Also it can be added with ozone.

2.There is a outfall on the root of the machine, ensuring clean water inside.

3.After washing, vegetable or fruit will go through an elevator, and at the same time,  high pressure spray will wash the them again.

4. Flow adjustment valve next to the machine can control the materials foward speed, easy operating.

5. The conveyor belt material is PP mesh, which meets with the food-grade standard.

6. It can be connected with automatic producing line with high capacity.

XWA-1300 Vortex Washing Machine


By using the natural principle of water flow, the vegetables can not be damaged during the whole process of washing, which can be used in the cleaning and leachate of the materials in the process of cleaning and leachate, so as to achieve the purpose of the industrial standard process of clean vegetable treatment.

Flip Type Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine


This is a flip-type fruit and vegetable cleaning machine that uses bubble surfing to remove impurities on the surface of the material, and automatically discharges the material with one button. It can be connected to assembly line equipment, saving manpower and improving efficiency.

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