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Meats Machines 

QWS-2 minitype floor meat cutter


Fish, pork, beef and so on can be cut into pieces and fragments. This machine uses special hardened stainless steel blade, durable, long service life, fast cutting speed. The voltage can be divided into 110V and 220V.QW-3 according to customer's request, especially suitable for small restaurant in North America. The wheels are mounted at the bottom of the machine for easy movement.

FK-632  meat grinder


1. Single cutter and single mesh type of imported meat grinder: one cutting resistance is high, if the mesh is less than 6 mm, the friction time is usually long, the meat temperature rises, and the meat tends to deteriorate easily

2. Three-net double-knife type: rough-medium-fine three-mesh cutting, labor-saving meat fine and beautiful, shortened time, meat is not easy to deteriorate

3. Automatic stop and return function of motor overload

FQP-300C table frozen meat slicer


Purpose: the domestic product and fruit or vegetable, the most appropriate rinse with mutton slices, beef slices, such as hot pot material, scope of application: meat processing factory equipment, Chinese food shop equipment, western-style food shop equipment, other.

FX-300 frozen meat dicing machine


1. This machine is easy to wash and disassemble with no tools. 

2. This machine adopts the overall driven structure, thereby enhancing the waterproof ability.

FR-150 sauce pepper mixer


Mixed filling machine is used for mixing the necessary equipment, high efficiency, easy operation, is the production of dried sausage product, granular, mud mixed sausage products, pill products the first choice of equipment, and production of dumplings, wonton noodle products of optional equipment.

FX-2000 meat cake molding machine


* Meat cake can be made in a variety of shapes, the largest of which can be 120 mm. in diameter.

* can be used in conjunction with meat harvesters or frying machines.

* the meat cake is adjustable in weight and thickness, ranging in thickness from 5 to 12 mm.

* Mold replacement is simple and convenient.

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