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Packing Machine 

Continuous vacuum/gas packing machine


This machine is a continuous vacuum pumping packing machine, in addition to vacuum and sealing function, it also has the function of aerator. The machine is fast and suitable for most foods.

Working principle: vacuum-inflatable-sealing-typography

Automatic packaging machine with vacuum control in box


Automatic real air packaging machine, suitable for large packaging food raw materials, electronic devices need to be oxidized but not too extruded similar products

DZ-600 vacuum packaging machine



Flat type vacuum packaging machine production efficiency is high, suitable for (such as: meat cooked food packaging, paste products, bean products, vegetables, seafood processing, food) for vacuum packing, can prevent product oxidation mildew, corruption, moistureproof and prolong the storage life of the product. Can be specially designed for the guest, deepen the chute, facilitate large packing ingredients.

FL-420C automatic weighing and packing system


Automatic packaging of granular materials such as food, candy, peanuts, green beans, melon seeds, rice, seeds, biscuits, pistachios, tea, jelly, coffee beans, sugar, etc.

Applicable industries: food, chemical industry, daily chemical, medicine, hardware, machinery, gifts, handicrafts, other, etc.

FS-600 vertical automatic fast food box sealing machine


It is especially suitable for fast food, fruits and vegetables, cooked food, frozen products, jam and so on, especially for small and medium food factories, fast food convenience stores and group food distribution.

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