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Fruit Peeling Machines 

Single mango peeler and corer


1. Multi-functional: Mango peeling machine can be used for peeling fruits and vegetables, including apple, pear, kiwi, lemon, persimmon, tomato and so on. The machine can complete peeling, end cutting, core removal, slicing, separation, color preservation and other processes.
2. Computer control: Manufactured according to EU standards, process control and remote control can be carried out, and various fruits and vegetables of different sizes can be processed. And the height can be processed; At the same time, the peel thickness is adjustable.
3. Simple operation: When operating, click the touch screen, set the working parameters, the peeling machine automatically completes the product processing.
4. There are three different sizes of corer and slicing blades that can be used for melon and fruit cutting.

Double head pineapple peeling machine


1.It is suitable for peeling different kinds of melon like wax gourd etc. very perfectly.

2.High peeling speed, even peeling effect, wide application.

3.After peeling, there will be a device that can push the material to come out automatically.

Mainly suitable for fruit or vegetable processing factory, big canteen or food distribute center.

Automatic pineapple peeling, coring machine


1.Using the automatic knife group to cut up and down cycle, high efficiency and good safety performance.
2.Press the switch to automatically peel the skin, easy to operate, and grandpa 
can also use it.
3.The peeling thickness can be adjusted according to the skin thickness of the 
melon and fruit, which is fully intelligent.
4.Suitable for pineapple, papaya, cantaloupe, taro and other small melons and 
fruits, with extremely high peeling rate.


16 station mango peeler

1. Imitation manual peeling, clean and bright simple operation, easy to use peel separation, clean and sanitary;

2. Large output, labor saving, a machine can replace 8 workers peeling work;

3. High peeling rate, no waste;

4. Can record the day of execution, network remote Settings, automatic control;

5. Manual, automatic mode free switching, easy maintenance.

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