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Garlics Machines 

FX-128S garlic scallion shelled machine


This machine uses compressed air as the power source to produce powerful whirlwind near the natural desquamate garlic. This machine is composed of two parts, the drying drum has the function of hot air circulation. Even in humid climates, garlic remains dry. The peeled part is powered by air compressors, saving electricity.

FX-139 large garlic splitter



The machine uses food grade silica gel, using the gap between the upper and lower silica gel plate and centrifugal force to squeeze the whole garlic head, garlic stem, garlic head is blown away from one side of the fan, can be recovered; The split garlic clove rolled out from the other side of the machine.



Garlic Separating-peeling Line


The garlic processing production line consists of a elevator, a garlic separating machine, a elevator, a picking machine and a garlic peeling machine. It can be used with washing machines, cutting machines and dryers for deep processing of garlic. Contains the whole garlic from the divided knife garlic paste products, suitable for garlic oil, garlic powder and other garlic deep processing enterprises and seasoning food factories. This is the most ideal and efficient equipment for food processing.

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